Mar 30

The Lord has sent out laborers into His harvest!

On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 I had the privilege of attending the graduation and ordination of 21 students from the BELC Martin Luther Bible School (MLBS) in Nagalapurum, AP, India. These 21 men will now serve as overseers of congregations affiliated with us in the BELC. Thank the Lord that He has sent out more laborers into His harvest (Luke 10:2).

I reminded these man that even though their studies at MLBS have ended, this story of God’s word has not. They will need to continue to study God’s word first for themselves and their own benefit so that can faithfully preach and teach God’s word to those whom the Holy Spirit has made them overseers. Pray that God bless their work and through them bring the life-saving good news of salvation through Jesus to many.

On April 1st a new batch of 24 students will begin the 2-year program at MLBS in preparation to become pastors with the BELC. Pray that God will be with these in-coming students and help them diligently hear and study His word.

You can see photos of the graduation here.

Knee update: traveling the 2 hours to the graduation was a little uncomfortable as I strained my knee trying to find a comfortable position that allowed me to sit straight in the back seat with a seatbelt on. Even bending my knees 60º was unpleasant. I finally settled on putting my foot in between the front door and the front passenger seat, and that allowed me to keep my knee in a more comfortable position.

Mar 25

“Clinically Progressing Satisfactorily”

That’s what the doctor wrote in the notes from my 4-week follow-up today.

I was hoping that the range of motion would be increased from 60º to 90º but we are waiting another 2 weeks for that. The important thing is for me not to twist my lower leg at all (as that is what produced the injury in the first place) so that the meniscus is able to heal.

I went shopping a little bit on the way home from the hospital. Not only did I not find what I was looking for, but it was hard to stop at shops along the roads as there is usually no parking. Walking to a shop is a challenge as there are usually no sidewalks, and if they are, they are like obstacle courses (especially in Bengaluru!), although the one road had a fairly decent side-walk.

My scars have “healed completely” and I can do stairs slowly, which is good as most stores are multi-level and they do not always have elevators. Fortunately I only had to go up one level in the two I visited today, and the one had an elevator.

Riding in the vehicle is not comfortable. I have been sitting in the back seat with my let straight. I cannot bend it enough to sit normally. We will see how I do on the 1.5 hour trip to the MLBS graduation on Wednesday morning.

It’s a slow recovery, but I guess it is good that I’m “progressing satisfactorily”.

Mar 16

Back on my feet… for 10 minutes every 2 hours

Last Saturday I had a 10-day followup. The orthopedic surgeon removed the stitches. He said there is no fluid in my knee, which is good. I took the bandage off Monday and have three small scars that look like two eyes and a nose on my knee. Sam Rodebaugh suggested I draw a mouth to complete the smiley face.

My brace has been bumped up to 60º and the physiotherapist upped my exercise reps from 10 to 25 twice a day and told me to walk for 10 minutes every 2 hours, which I have been doing. 

So I am back on my feet, at least a little bit. I haven’t had any pain until today, perhaps because I just reached the end of the NSAIDs.

I go back in a little over a week and a half (2 weeks from the previous follow-up). By then I should be able to bend 90º. Perhaps a couple weeks after that I can get rid of the brace entirely.

The BELC graduation has been rescheduled to the 29th of March. I should be navigate the stairs by then, at least slowly. 

Mar 04

Out of commission

On Friday, Feb 24 I twisted my left knee and felt a sharp pain. It didn’t go away, so I went to the hospital to see an orthopedic surgeon. After poking and prodding, he said that I had probably torn my meniscus. As it was too late in the day to get an MRI, he told me to come back and have one in the morning. I came back in the morning for the MRI and returned in the afternoon for the results. I had torn my meniscus and would require surgery. The doctor said the sooner I could get my knee repaired, the better. I was scheduled to fly to Bengaluru the next day, Sunday. I was torn (both iterally and figuratively), but I decided it was best to cancel the trip and schedule the surgery for Monday morning. I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon have pre-op tests completed so I will be ready on Monday morning.

The surgery went well, but was involved. The meniscus was completely torn and was out of the joint so it had to be put back and secured with three sutures. Usually they only need two keyholes, but they needed a third to complete the fix.

I went home Monday evening with a full leg brace and have spent this week recovering. Today (Saturday) I went back to have for followup and now have a brace that allows me to bend my knee 45º. I also saw the physiotherapist and have more exercies to do. I will go back in a week to have the stitches removed.

Because of my limited mobility and to avoid straining my knee as it recoves, I have had to cancel my travels for the month of March. Lord willing I will be able to resume normal activities in a few weeks. Pray for a speedy recovery.