Jun 08

Even more laborers sent out to the harvest!

On Tuesday, June 6th, 2017, I had the privilege of attending the graduation and ordination of 14 new pastors from Immanuel Bible School (IBS) in Nidubrolu, AP, which is the seminary of Church of the Lutheran Confession of India (CLCI). These men will now serve as pastors. Pray that God would bless their ministry.

Like the Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in the US, IBS is a 3-year program with pastors graduating each year.

While I was at the celebration love feast after the program, several men came to Principle Jyothi to ask for admission to the new junior class. Unfortunately there are already 17 new students, so these men had to go on the waiting list. Thank the Lord that He has given so many the desire to be shepherds under Christ!

You can see photos of the graduation here.