Hello, It’s Knee Again

Three weeks ago, when I was back in the US for furlough, I was going for one of my daily walks (as I have been prescribed to do) and felt a sharp pain in my knee when I took a step.  I hobbled back to the house and put ice on my now swelling knee. A couple days later I went in for an MRI. The following week I got the results and the report said I had (another) meniscal tear.

I decided to not see a surgeon in Minnesota but wait until I got back here to see the surgeon who had operated on my knee the end of last February. I saw him this past Monday. He didn’t think I had torn my meniscus again, but that the radiologist was seeing the original tear and repair; however, He wanted the radiologist here to look at the CD I had brought from Minnesota with the MRI images to be sure. 

Yesterday I went back in and the surgeon’s instinct was correct. There is no new tear, but now I have tendonitis in the back of the knee and some tissue damage in the front. This should heal over the next couple of weeks or so as I immobilize my knee, rest, and take some tablets to help the tissue heal. Thanks be to God that I do not need more surgery!

Unfortunately I will be laid up for a couple of weeks and will be unable to resume my training travels. I plan to keep myself busy, however, by working new lessons, editing translated materials, and continuing to study Telugu and Tamil. Pray for a speedy recover and that I will regain the use of my knee without pain so that I can freely travel 

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