Unless you bend the knee…

I went back to the surgeon yesterday (Friday, Sept 1). After immobilizing my knee for almost 3 weeks, I could no longer bend it. He sent to physical therapy (here called physiotherapy). I usually have a high tolerance for pain, but bending my knee, really hurt!

I am scheduled for five days of physical therapy. I was worried after yesterday’s session, because my knee really hurt. Today (Saturday) I had my second session and it was much easier and much less painful that yesterday.  I can bend the knee more easily and it doesn’t hurt as much.

What concerns me is that the area I had damaged on the front right of the knee still hurts a little bit, especially when I stand on my tiptoes (one of the exercises), but in general my knee today feels much better than it did a month ago; it seems the weeks resting my knee has allowed the damaged area to heal to some extent.

I will visit to surgeon in two weeks and see how things (or rather I) stand then. If I am still having pain, he would want to put scope in my knee to see what is going on and that he might end up having to shave off part of the meniscus. Pray it won’t come that or even having to put a scope in my knee at all.

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