Oct 12

Dengue danger and other distractions

In Chennai there has been an outbreak of dengue (which I learned is actually pronounce dengoo, not dengay) fever, which is a mosquito-borne viral illness. Since January there have been 80 reported deaths. Across the state there have been 11,500-12,500 cases so far this year.

Tuesday I did a training for the pastors here in Chennai. Less than half the usual number came because many were suffering from dengue fever. Please keep them and all the people who have been infected in your prayers.

Yesterday I was meeting with pastors in another district and loud music started playing from next door just as we were about to start. Fortunately after 10-15 minutes the music stopped and we were able to continue our meeting without further interference.

Knee Update

Last month surgeon decided to treat my knee with calcium and chondroitin supplements for three months to see if the damage will heal itself. He also gave me some joint pain medication. I continue to do physical therapy exercises at home. My knee seems to be bothering me less, but it is difficult to tell if it is getting better or if it is just the pain medication. I pray it is the former but I am glad to have the latter as well.

In any case, I have resumed my travels and trainings, which do not involve much walking (just standing), so my knee has time to recover. I pray that someday I’ll be able to navigate stairs normally and be able to freely walk and exercise.