“Clinically Progressing Satisfactorily”

That’s what the doctor wrote in the notes from my 4-week follow-up today.

I was hoping that the range of motion would be increased from 60º to 90º but we are waiting another 2 weeks for that. The important thing is for me not to twist my lower leg at all (as that is what produced the injury in the first place) so that the meniscus is able to heal.

I went shopping a little bit on the way home from the hospital. Not only did I not find what I was looking for, but it was hard to stop at shops along the roads as there is usually no parking. Walking to a shop is a challenge as there are usually no sidewalks, and if they are, they are like obstacle courses (especially in Bengaluru!), although the one road had a fairly decent side-walk.

My scars have “healed completely” and I can do stairs slowly, which is good as most stores are multi-level and they do not always have elevators. Fortunately I only had to go up one level in the two I visited today, and the one had an elevator.

Riding in the vehicle is not comfortable. I have been sitting in the back seat with my let straight. I cannot bend it enough to sit normally. We will see how I do on the 1.5 hour trip to the MLBS graduation on Wednesday morning.

It’s a slow recovery, but I guess it is good that I’m “progressing satisfactorily”.

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