30º more and brace for impact

I just had my 6-week follow-up from my knee surgery (to repair my meniscus). I can bend 30º more for a total of 90º and the surgeon said I can take the brace off unless I will be “exerting” myself. I asked him what that meant, and he said for things like stairs, etc.

I think I will wear the brace for a few more days as I walk around with the new bend-ability to get used to 90º and I still plan to wear it while traveling and for trainings, as getting situated in the vehicle is difficult and I can easily twist or bend my leg in the wrong way.

He also said I could write a bike if I move the seat up high so I’m going bending my knee as much. And I should not use any resistance on a stationary bike. I will try the bike tomorrow, with the brace, to see how it goes.  I’m not sure what good no resistance does, but I guess it will get my leg moving.

I will go back for a follow-up in another month.

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